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He types HAHAHA with a straight face and sends emoticons when he runs out of words.

He woke up on a Tuesday morning and realised that he was late for work. Not late like ‘holy shit, it’s 10 am and I’ve missed a meeting’ late. Real life is not that dramatic you know. He was late by his ideal and a very ambitious wake up time, understandably so, because he missed his ideal ‘go to bed and sleep’ time, by a couple of hours. Sigh! His smart phone really makes him do dumb things.

He isn’t known to make great decisions and he goes to sleep again, because that’s how he competes with his failures, big or small. It’s 10 am and now he is late for real.

He does what he does everyday, miss his exercise and breakfast so he can later crib about his not-so-healthy lifestyle taking long drags of the cancer stick. He takes great pleasure in helping irony write itself.

He sits for hours in front of a computer and stands with his head down looking at the portable screen. He is more wired to the word and less connected to himself. He types HAHAHA with a straight face and sends emoticons when he runs out of words. He leaves office early like he has to be somewhere, drives his car through the same roads, listening to the same music, going past the same houses, sheltering almost the same thoughts he had yesterday… he reaches the same destination – the place he calls home.

Wait, he just lived his yesterday again and it looks hauntingly familiar to the day before that. He lives just one day, again and again. He is a victim of routine. He wonders how did he come this far and what he has become while scrolling for answers over the internet, finding solace with other victims; strangers he can empathise with. People who are like him – stuck, confused and capable of so much more.

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I want to write a poetry…

The problem is though I am an actor and I can mime
Have a heart, a bucket full of emotions, but I can’t rhyme

Haven’t been to a war, oh no, no way
Can’t write stories of bravery like Hemmingway

Live in a concrete jungle, rising or setting, can’t see the sun
The beauty of the night, the shimmer of the stars, can’t see none

Still in search for my Monalisa, I don’t have a muse
Women are so intriguing, forget inspiration, I get confuse

Being pretty young to narrate stories about how times have changed
Live a pretty standard boring life nothing special, nothing deranged

Dream to write about something meaningful something worthwhile
Don’t expect too much from it but I’ll be happy if it makes you smile

Imagination, expression and feelings will make my poetry
It’ll be about being human, being strong and being free

I want to write a poetry…
I want to write a poetry…

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Nobody takes care of you. Tons of expectations. Mistakes make you look like a moron. And what about the receding hairline?

  • Plus you have to pay taxes. And pretend as if you know why you pay it!
  • You have to say hasta la vista to siesta
  • There is no playtime. Only time for physical activities to make sure your waist doesn’t show how much you waste on junk food
  • Your innocent eyes don’t save you from your boss’ wrath
  • Summer vacations turn into just summers
  • Being friends with someone just because you both like the same candy flavour doesn’t happen anymore
  • A cold “wassup” replaces a warm hug
  • Crying has to be done very discreetly
  • Worse. You have to laugh cautiously
  • “Because I don’t want to” is not an acceptable answer
  • There are bigger problems in your life than homework. Like working from home
  • You have to stop asking stupid questions. And when you try to find their answers yourself the world calls you stupid
  • People laugh with you less, behind you, more
  • Nobody tells you “It’s Ok” anymore
  • Not many people think you are cute when you make crazy faces
  • Not many girls come towards you just to pinch your chubby cheeks
  • “What do you plan to do?” becomes more important than “What you are actually doing?”
  • You know a lot more now. You understand too many things. You feel several emotions. Enough to make you forget how you can stay happy for no reason
  • Smirks replace giggles
  • Cigarettes replace Lolly Pops
  • You grow big in size but your heart shrinks
  • Intelligence becomes more important than good intent
  • The only thing you share now are links on Facebook
  • The colours in your life are restricted to your wardrobe
  • Savings become more important than savouring every moment
  • And again you have to pay taxes and pretend as if you know why you pay it!

Do we all miss childhood or what?

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